Tropical Liner

Our Tropical Liner made of the Power Stretch fabric is fleshy, light, very elastic and smooth. It fits the body perfectly and thanks to that once warmed up layer of air stays on its place. It makes this fabric incomparably warmer than other materials of similar grammage. Moisture is drawn away from the body, before it manages to create drops, and it is spread on the outer surface of the fabric, so even a wet underwear feels dry. You can wash it in a washing machine. After a spin-dry it dries in a flash. It does not take in bad smells.

The Tropical Liner is made in two variants: one-piece and two-piece. It is constructed very carefully. A collar of a well chosen height warms your neck excellently, though it does not collide with a dry suit seal. In a two-piece variant a longer back of the sweatshirt protects you from cold. Even when you do somersaults underwater when air goes away from shoes and legs of a dry suit you can be sure that the sweatshirt will not roll up and bare your back. Additionally the trousers are high waisted and have an elastic waistband. When you out them on your sweatshirt your reins and radicles are protected by a double layer of the fabric. One-piece liner is the best solution for cave diving with speleological approach to the diving spot. It also works very well as the inner layer of cave suit so you do not have to change it.

The Tropical Liner is good enough as the only thermal insulation under the dry suit when it is very warm. It is useful also as an additional layer under other liner when you plan long winter dives.

You do not need to wear any other underwear underneath the Tropical Liner. It fulfills its function perfectly. The two-piece variant will work very well after diving for running or skiing. Those who like one-piece garments could feel more comfortable in the overall. It has a similar cut of the collar as the sweatshirt and it has two zippers. The first zipper allows you to put the liner on, the second one to use a lavatory comfortably.

Similarly to our other products, we offer a women model for ladies in this one as well. And for those who do not fit in standardized size chart we propose not expensive custom tailoring.