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Aldminowicz Waldemar Scubal Legnica 3 °- 6 °C 30 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
(without additional underwear or lining)
-It exceeded my wildest expectations. Tested in hard conditions with wet suit, means it was totally poured with water during previous dive. Very good thermal performance. Very elastic fabric makes it easy to take on and off the clothes. The liner is imperceptible and very light, doesn’t  hamper moves.
Rzewuski Wojciech Exsteram Wrocław 3 °- 6 °C 34 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
(without additional underwear or lining)
– Keeps warmth from beginning till end.
– Despite small leaks on the neck it keeps warm
– In my subjective opinion I can compare it with thickest EQUES
– endless flexibility
– doesn’t  hamper moves at all
– light and thin what makes it possible to take less ballast
Grzyb Tomasz Warszawa 7oC 3 dives, each ca. 40 min long Navy Liner and socks NAVY + Pro gloves Trilaminat
Seawolf Lite
Exercise diving, mainly platform, not so much movement. Gloves suffused with water, but not cold after coming out, comfortable. Great socks! When I looked at it I thought I would need to add some weight – no need 🙂 Great solution with the extra long zipper. The best set of clothing I have ever dived so far.
Sasin Andrzej Warszawa 7oC 9 dives, each ca. 40 min long (3 dives per day, air temp. 12 -13 oC) Navy Liner and socks NAVY Trilaminat
Aquata Pacyfik
Exercise diving, not much movement (quick loss of heat), fantastic liner didn’t let me get cold. Great socks, very warm. Just after suffusing I started feeling cold, changing to neoprene socks helped.


At first glance the liner seems thick, hampering moves and forcing to add ballast. After it taking on it turns out to be light, doesn’t hamper moves and what’s more  important it’s nice and warm. Long zipper is a big advantage in a toilet J
Majchrzak Piotr Wrocław 4oC 50 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Ocean Pro
+ thin thermo underwear
Very good thermal performance. Appropriate length of sleeves and legs. Keeps hands warm also in spots where other liners have less thermal efficient elastic welts. Much flexibility allows for lots of ease in motion. Soft fabric, fits close to the body. Much wearing and using comfort.
Futyma Marcin Decompression team Lublin 4oC 45 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Ursuit Kevlar
Thermal performance without reservations, draws moisture away very well. Comfortable and elastic.
Scubal Legnica 4oC 50 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat Kalwait Soft and warm – FANTASTIC Full comfort of swimming, much ease in motion.
Łysy Mieczysław Scubal Legnica 4oC 50 min NAVY Liner Crush neopren
Northon divex
Definitely warm Full comfort of motion, fits well, doesn’t hamper.
Kozioł Wacław Profundal Puławy 4oC 75 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Bare HD
Warm Comfortable, very elastic liner.
Korzonek Małgorzata Kraken Chorzów 4oC 26 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Santi Espace + merino underwear
I’m a chilly person, I’m cold in a wet suit when others swim just in a t-shirt. For first 20 min I was warm. During next identical diving in Santi BZ 400 I had same feelings concerning thermal performance. Lots of ease in motion. I needed 2 kg less ballast than when using Santi BZ 400.
Furmaniak Jakub Heliox Katowice 5oC 35 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
+ thin underwear
Okay, warm Okay
Łódź 3oC /
20 min / 10 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Bare Pro Dry
+   underwear
20 min / 3oC thermal performance close to the limit of a comfort zone (acceptable), good in 9 oC. Doesn’t overheat on the surface. Very good ease in motion. Comfortable when dressing a dry suit.
Lewicki Paweł Mount and diving school Warszawa 4oC 35 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Eques Cordutech
+ thin underwear
Thermal performance comparable with my liners – Santi BZ400 and the warmest Eques (don’t remember the name) NAVY is the best and the most comfortable liner that I have used for going underwater during 10 years of diving in dry suits.
Siergiej Marta Krokodyle Olsztyn 4oC 35 min NAVY Liner Crush neopren
Bare XCS2 Pro Dry
During the whole diving I didn’t feel any signs of cold. From the moment of going underwater till surfacing it was nice and warm. Lots of comfort in use, easy to dress, no creases on the skin after diving. I felt like I wasn’t wearing any liner.
Senderowski Mariusz Krokodyle Olsztyn 6oC /
35 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat cienki
+ thin underwear
No negative feelings regarding coldness. Comparing to previous liner this one is much warmer. Very elastic, gives unique comfort of motion in my suit. When I was putting it on I thought: Why to spend 800 zł if I have a liner? After diving I know with no doubts that it’s worth buying.
Barszczewski Cezary Skorpena Olsztyn 4oC 45 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Eques Cordutech
+ thin underwear
Feelings similar to BZ 400 Santi. Sometimes I had a feeling that it’s even warmer. Very high comfort in motion. Elastic fabric doesn’t hamper in any scope.
Tabero Kacper Seawave Elbląg 4oC 45 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Bare Tech Dry
Keeps temperature very well, I recommend it. Very comfortable, doesn’t hamper moves.
Gajewski Daniel Seawave Elbląg 4oC 40 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
PERFECT, I recommend it. Very comfortable, after suffusing I didn’t feel anything. Just after going out of the water I saw that the liner is wet. Revelation.
Błazków Marcin 6oC 40 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Seawolf lite
Very good set with „an orange” – guarantees high thermal comfort. Scope of motion is perfect.
Kozakiewicz Adam Seawave Elbląg surface16oC, bottom5oC 60 min NAVY Liner  + Pro underwear Trilaminat
Seawolf Lite
Excellent thermal performance. Thanks to that it fits well to the body it made the air reached precisely and quickly to every spot under the suit. Staying long on the surface didn’t cause any problems with sweating or accumulating water near the body (outside temperature 21oC). Excellent comfort and scope of motion during diving. PERFECT whilst putting on a dry suit (doesn’t roll up).
Let’s Dive Kraków 10oC 40 min NAVY Liner Cordura
+ underwear
Very warm Cool, elastic and easy to take on a dry suit.
Pijanowski Filip Sidemount System Poznań surface 14oC, bottom 6oC 35 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Seawolf Lite
+ thin underwear
Warm and comfortable Very comfortable, light and elastic.
Kołakowski  Jacek Warmińsko – Mazurskie CN Olsztyn 4 oC 40 min NAVY Liner Trylaminat
Hunter 450
+ Kwark PS underwear
Very good thermal performance, comparable with BZ 400 Easy to take on and off, doesn’t hamper moves, ca. 2 kg less ballast comparing to BZ 400 – with weight 75 kg.
Piasek Państwowa Straż Pożarna Łódź 5 oC 33 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Ursuit – czerwony
+ thin underwear
Excellent thermal comfort  – not too warm, not too cold. Comfortable, doesn’t hamper moves, flexible.
Kamiński Bartłoniej Ochotnicza  Straż Pożarna Rawa Mazowiecka 5 oC 35 min NAVY Liner Trylaminat
Hunter VSN
Warm, nice, dry Doesn’t hamper moves, less of ca. 2 kg of ballast, much, much warmer in comparison with a previous liner.
Sadowski Marcin Sea Quest Łódź 13oC 30 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
Warm, comfortable Super comfortable, doesn’t hamper
Słucki Ireneusz Adriatic Hańcza 4 oC 32 min NAVY Liner Trilaminat
+ thin underwear
Great thermal performance – comfortable Elastic, nice in touch, ca. 2 kg of ballast less.
Łuksza Mikołaj Pijawka Warszawa 6 oC 45 min NAVY Liner Cordura
Ocean Pro
Super dry and comfortable Excellent draw of sweat away, doesn’t hamper moves, good tailoring, light, good circulation of air.
Gmiter Ryszard Warszawa 5 oC do 11 oC 60 min NAVY Liner Cordura
Santi Enduro
Warm and much lighter in comparing to other liners with similar thermal performance. In general – very okay. Comparing to traditional liners with similar thermal performance – very soft and doesn’t hamper moves.
Czerwiński Michał Pijawka Warszawa 6 oC 45 min NAVY  Liner Dwulaminat
+ thin underwear
Fits well and thanks to that no thermal bridges appear. Very warm. Draws sweat away well, no feeling of pinching/pressure. Less ballast, perfect air circulation.
Name Diving Center Town Water temperature [°C] Diving time [min.] Tested product Used together with Thermal comfort Comfort of use
BCN Seaweve Elbląg 13 32 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Bare Poly Pro Dry suit (laminate) Thermal comfort maintained perfectly well, with delicate but pleasant coolness Does not restrict free movement of arms and body.
Płetwal Poznań 7 30 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment SB Bare suit + thin underwear Warm feel to a temperature of 11 – 12 degrees Celsius. Below that the lower part of the body ramains without change, upper body with slight feeling of cold but additional layer of underwear would be sufficient. Good at pulling the perspitarion away from the body. Does not restrict movements, great airflow.
BCN Seaweve Elbląg 15 40 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment 4 mm Ever flex crush neoprene Even with the flooded dry suit   thermal comfort was maintained at a satisfactory level. Excellent comfort and unlimited mobility, sensational looks.
BCN Seaweve Elbląg 15 50 Overall Eques cordura membrane suit + very thin TA underwear Great thermal comfort during calm, less dynamic swimming, also due to  the fact that prior to the dive I did not get sweaty in the sun, as it often occurs in classic thicker undersuit. After diving no trace of moisture on the body. Perfect! Excellent comfort during exercises under water thanks to reduced thickness. Putting on, taking off and  even staying on the surface does not create any problems and is extremely comfortable.
Centrum Nurkowe Tryton Gdańsk 7 60 Underwear Elite drysuit + plus BZ200 Santi warmer I use Kwark underwear from the very beginning and I am very pleased with it!  It’s easy to put on, flexible and adapts easily to fit the body shape. I always wear it under my drysuit and it keeps me warm. Easy to put on and flexible. Adapts well to the shape of the body. A very good product!
CN Banana Divers Białystok 4 56 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Elite drysuit + plus BZ200 Santi warmer In the previous setting (regular underwear plus warmer) I kept getting very cold. Aquashell was a hit – very comfortable, maintains the body warmth well. Thanks to it I can stay in the water of a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius for longer. Comfortable and convenient, it allows for an increased amount of movements. Very useful for women while diving in places whith no toilet facilities (crotch zip).
CN Exstream Wrocław 8 90 Overall Crash neoprene Eques Nuno suit + Odlo Evolution Extra Warm underwear, Santi electric vest (not connected) Although it is not thick, it fits the body very well and provides good comfort. Does not retain moisture – after diving the inner part of the suit is wet, but the underwear stays dry! Extremely flexible, adheres perfectly to the body and does not curl. Very comfortable to put on and take off, does not restrict movements.
CCR GO DEEP Częstochowa 4 90 Underwear (Top and Leggings) DUI TLS 350 laminate suit + DUI XM250 warmer 90 minute dive without the slightest feeling of being cold. The underwear wicks the sweat away very well. It does not give an impression of wearing thick underwear under the warmer. The level of mobility is just as good as while wearing the suit and warmer on their own.
CCR GO DEEP Częstochowa 25 180 Underwear (Top and Leggings) DUI TLS 350 laminate suit Scooter cave diving – almost to hot at times. Thermal comfort maintained even in a soaked suit. The underwear adheres to the body so perfectly that it becomes almost  imperceptible. 100 precent of mobility.
PCN Nautica Poznań 17 50 Underwear (Top and Leggings) Eques trilaminate membrane suit  + cordura, Ursuit warmer Such set was definitely too warm for this water temperature. Flexible underwear, does not restrict movements.
PCN Nautica Poznań 7 50 Underwear (Top and Leggings) Eques trilaminate membrane suit  + cordura, Ursuit warmer Very warm underwear. Good at wicking the perspitarion away from the body. Perfect for diving in cold water. (Also tested when skiing in difficult conditions – worked perfectly well). Flexible underwear, does not restrict movements.
Dąbowski (Płetwa)
Dive Project Warszawa 4 90 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Eques try tech +  Eques warmer  (thick thinsulate warmer but already very compressed after 7 years of intensive use). I used the Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment instead of thermoactive underwear. The effect exceeded my expectations. Despite my old warmer,  I do not freeze under water any more. Ok. I haven’t noticed any disadvantages.
GCN Sea-Fish Bytom 2 40 Underwear Ice Fit neoprene drysuit + thin underwear Previously, under these conditions, my chest was squeezed with the cold. Now, thanks to this thermal insulation, I can withstand the temperature. Despite the fact that the set of Kwark underwear is much thinner than the previously used warmer, it provides much better thermal comfort. During this dive I could have stayed immersed for a few more minutes. Previously I used a thicker warmer which restricted  movements. With this thinner flexible underwear I feel very comfortably.
GCN Sea-Fish Bytom 6 40 Underwear + Polartec 200 Socks Ice Fit neoprene drysuit + thin underwear Before I used underwear, I felt cold after 30 minutes of diving in such conditions. Now it has changed. Very nice warm fluff on the underside.  Although I had a problem with a leaking sleeve, I did not experience much discomfort. An additional advantage is a feminine cut of both the top and leggings, and very comfortable extended back of the top. Thanks to the collar, the neck keeps nicely warm.
CN Adriatic Bydgoszcz 16/4 30/15 Windbloc Gloves and Aquashell Socks Very high thermal comfort: despite high temperature before entering the water, I did not overheat. Underwater – nice and warm. With my previous socks and gloves I used to freeze. Comfortable and flexible socks, smooth outside – easy to put on and comfortable for walking (nothing sticks to them). The gloves are flawless, lie perfectly well.
Dive Zone Toruń 6 40 Underwear URSUIT KEVLAR drysuit +  Bare 200 warmer Very warm, going through thermocline was painless. Nice fabric, provides freedom of movements.
CN Płetwiaki Białystok 4 65 Aquashell Socks Perfect. My feet are warm. Pleasant to the touch. Legs slip into the suit and boots easily.
CN Płetwiaki Białystok 4 65 Underwear OCEAN PRO trilaminate drysuit + Santi BZ 400 Very pleasant to the touch.Fits the body well. Warm. Very comfortable as underwear underneath the warmer.
CN Banana Divers Błaskowizna 4 60 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Emotion Santi suit + BZ 200 warmer In cold water, in combination with a traditional thin warmer, it provides thermal comfort with substantially greater freedom of movement than in the case of a thick undersuit. Very comfortable both to put on and to move under water in the dry suit. It looks nice visually. In case of drenching, if you use the set with another thin warmer, it is much faster to dry both elements separately.
CN Banana Divers Błaskowizna 17 65 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Emotion Santi suit It allows you to stay under water longer with the students without additional undersuit. Protects the thermal comfort of the body up to 10 meters. Especially useful for basic courses.


Very comfortable both to put on and to move under water in the dry suit. It looks nice visually. In case of drenching, if you use the set with another thin warmer, it is much faster to dry both elements separately.
Węglarz Kraków 18 100 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment EQUES Cordutech drysuit It is possible to dive to a depth of 8 – 10 meters without additional insulation (working with students and watching fish) and it is awesome. No restriction of movements. Comfortable  while putting a drysuit on.  Comfort of  movement comparable to swimming in a thin wet suit in Egypt.
Węglarz Kraków 3 40 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment EQUES Curdutech drysuit +  250 Scuba Pro Vancouver warmer + thin underwear It is warm. Cave diving in Slovenia without any discomfort. Fits the body perfectly well, it is like good underwear. Even with a thin warmer provides the ultimate comfort of movement under water. Makes it easier to go through narrow space in the caves.
Rico Sub Poznań 9 50 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment 4 mm crush Aquata  neoprene Very well-fitted. Perfectly wicks moisture away from the body. Proves itself in training students at different levels. Thanks to good cut and fitting, it does not restrict movement during swimming.
Rico Sub Poznań 15 60 4 mm crush  Aquata neoprene With crush neoprane is more than enough as the main warmer. Great freedom of movement. Good cut with a practical second zip.
Dive Me Crazy Poznań 8 43 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment ICE FIT 4mm neoprene suit Thermal comfort maintained very well. No feeling of coolness right until the end of the dive. Adherence to the body and small thickness provide great comfort. Besides, it is ideal for diving in cold water when the air temperature is high – greater comfort on the surface than in conventional warmers.
Klub Part-nur Pszczyna 5 40 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Waterproof D10 3,5 mm crush neoprene suit + thin underwear Thermal comfort very good, flooded sleeves were not a problem. The water was wicked away from the body and I was warm. The underwear allows complete freedom of movements.
CN Nurt Sieradz Kędzierzyn Koźle 5 40 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment +  Aquashell Socks Waterproof D1 hybryd suit +  thin  underwear Throughout the dive, full comfort  below the thermocline. Above the thermocline – too warm. The Drysuite is  well-fitted but does not restricts movements. Very comfortable.
Łódź 5 60+50 Underwear Trylaminat Bare suit +  150 warmer Very warm on the surface. Above the thermocline – fine. Below the thermocline – fine for 30 minutes, then a feeling of light coolness. I would recommended 200 warmer instead of 150 warmer. High comfort and freedom of movements. Very flexible underwear.
Kraken Jaworzno 5 30 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Norten Divers 2,5 mm cursh neoprene + thin thermoactive underwear Feeling of coolness after about 20 minutes. Then cool, but not cold. Very comfortable. Close-fitting but super-flexible and easy to put on.
Kraken Jaworzno 12 30 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Norten Divers 2,5 mm cursh neoprene + thin breathable underwear Almost no feeling of temperature change after the entry into the water. Gives the impression that you stay in the water forever. Very comfortable, close-fitting, putting the suit on is effortless.
Kraken Kraków 9 35 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Bare SCX 2 – 2 mm cursh neoprene Keeps warm, even in a slightly wet suit which has not dried after the previous dive. Very comfortable, no problems with putting on, does not restrict movements.
Waszczykowska Łódź 9 50 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Waterproof D10 suit The cold is not felt, warmth maintained. A very high level of comfort. Very comfortable, perfectly fitting and does not restrict movement. Pleasant to the touch.
CN Akwalung Płoc 4 55 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment Bare trilam HD pro dry suit + bare hi-loft warmer Previously, in such setting but with  thin thermoactive underwear, I used to freeze after about 30 minutes. With the Aquashell Drysuite I can stay in water at 4 degrees Celsius well over an hour. Moreover, it wicks the perspiration away from the body very well. Aquashell fits tightly around the body and does not restrict movements. It is a good choice.
CN Meduza Bydgoszcz 10 74 Overall Extender Seemann trilaminate +  Seemann subtech 490 warmer Provides a high level of thermal comfort. Does not retain the moisture. Sensational when commuting to the water. Very warm at low temperatures on the surface. Well-tailored.
Mikulicki, instructor
Włocławskie Centrum Nurkowania Włocław 6 80 Underwear (Top and Leggings) Trilaminate Bare suit + Bare warmer Very good thermal properties and breathability. After a long dive, the trilaminate suit was wet inside but the underwear remained dry. I was very warm throughout the whole dive. Very soft,  convenient to put on, pleasant to the touch. Fits the body perfectly when diving.
CNN KROKODYLE Olsztyn 10 53 Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment for women Crash Mobys neoprene suit No perspiration prior to entering the water. In the water, combined with the neoprene suit, Aquashell maintains the ideal temperature. Even after full flooding of the suit, the underwear maintained a pleasant temperature. Very comfortable, does not restrict freedom of  movements under water. However, now I would choose the version with two zips rather than the one with single long zip.
Dive Tech Professional Nysa 4 60 Top, leggings, gloves and socks, all made of Polartec Tritech Eques suit + Eques warmer Significantly improves the thermal comfort. Does not retain the moisture. Comfortable underwear, makes it possible to reach the valves. Does not restrict movements. The gas-flow to the pressure relief valve is slower – one can get used to it.
Bielizna wygodna, pozwala sięgać do zaworów. Nie krępuje ruchów. Wolniej przepływa gaz do zaworu upustowego- można się przyzwyczaić.
Dive Tech Professional Nysa 4 60 Thin Polartec Aquashell Drysuite Undergarment,  Polartec socks and gloves Tritech Eques suit + Tec Line warmer;  no additional underwear In comparison with the thin underwear, it is clearly warmer. Pulls perspiration away from the body. Hands and feet do not freeze. I would recommend those products to thin people. Stand-up collar keeps the neck warm. Flexible, it does not restrict movements. Well-tailored to fit the body. A good product.
CN Diver24 Poznań 4/16 80 Overall Diving in the summertime –  Eques Crash “Nuno” neoprene suit.     Decompression and wintertime diving –  Eques Crash “Nuno” neoprene suit + Scubapro Climatec warmer + Power Stretch socks Thanks to good thermal insulation and low thickness, the overall  is the ideal solution, suitable for all seasons. In the summer it can be used as the primary layer underneath a neoprene suit. In extreme conditions, acts as the perfect complement to the basic warmer. During decompression dive, even with a partialy flooded suit, the well-tailored underwear has provided optimum thermal comfort. Elasticity of the material ensures high comfort. Freedom of movement of the lower limbs and arms is not restricted. It takes up very little space in the luggage.


CN Heloix Katowice 4 and below 60 and more Underwear DUI TLS 350 + Bare Hi – loft 250 gram This combination, together with heat vest, provides excellent thermal properties. Perfect.
Team Italy Moregallo 7 83 Top and Gloves Santi Espace (Laminat) and Santi BZ400 Optimal temperature conditions in the drysuit. My overall in Thinsulate has more than 100 dives and the compression of the material gradually lost its thermal properties. I tried many before but with this one I experience the correct level of warmth and dryness. Excellent freedom of movement making all diving operations comfortable. Sweat was wicked away quickly so you never felt cold. Great breathability making these garments the best solution I tried.
Sogliaghi Salò 8 41 Top and Leggings Hollis 200 trilaminato During dressing there was cold wind. As soon as I wore the top and leggings, I was warm enough to prepare all the rest without wearing additional layers. The base layer kept me warm and dry during all moments of my immersion. Absolutely great comfort, like a second skin giving me freedom of movement.