Caps after diving

We lose ca. 30% of the heat through our heads. Just after taking off a neoprene hood a wet head gets cold very fast and cools whole body. What is worse, you can catch a cold easily and a running nose can ruin your diving plans. That is why we prepared some hats models that will work out great in various situations.

1. Double hat covering sinuses and ears – “Rycerska” is effective in winter and on cold days in fall or spring. We make it in two types: thinner version from Polartec Bi Polar (Thermal Pro series) and warmer version from Polartec Wind Pro. Last one is windproof and breathable at the same time. When there is a strong wind you can really feel the difference.

2. In summer (and for people who are warm even in winter) we recommend a hat “Profil” made of Powerstretch Pro and Wind Pro. It is light, elastic and soft. It fits well to the shape of the head. Ears are protected from wind. It is useful for running and works well under a helmet as well, e.g. for skiing or cycling.

3. Kwark’s classic model “Baran” is great too. It can be made of Polartec BiPolar (Thermal Pro series), Polartec Wind Pro, Polartec Power Stretch Pro or Polartec Windbloc. The last one has a tiny weakness – because of a windproof and waterproof membrane it is harder to hear when wearing it. We can imagine many situations when this is an advantage, however we inform you loyally… If you want to hear well you better choose a Wind Pro model.

4. A Power Stretch universal model “Mycka” is a thinner and as good equivalent. This is a small hat in a Léon’s style (the one from the film by Luc Besson). When unrolled this is a multipurpose hat, also lies well under a helmet.