Aquashell Undergarment Liner

Liner made of Polartec Aqua Shell from Windblock series is a very comfortable alternative for a traditional thin dry suit undergarment. This product works out great beneath neoprene dry suits, laminates – while diving in warm water (over a dozen centigrades), and as an additional lining underneath light undergarment (e.g. 200 g/m2) – while diving in cold water. It is an optimal solution for hot sweltering wearter when a diver already wears an undergarment, but he has to conduct some activities e.g. help other participants.
  • Short 4 cm stand-up collar keeps your neck warm, but does not clash with a dry suit insulation.
  • Single zipper in men’s model is long enough to allow to use a toilet comfortably. In a women’s model (on a request) the zipper reaches to the back and is very comfortable while using a toilet, without a need to take off the whole suit. Underneath the zipper there is a panel that protects from abrasions.
  • Near sleevs there are strings that facilitate dressing and allow to level the pressure in dry gloves. Legs are tipped with wide rubber for feet.
  • Liners are tailored to fit respectively men’s and women’s body shapes.
  • The fabric is like a second skin, fits close and softly, does not cause abrasions or allergic reactions. It serves as a underwear perfectly and can be worn directly on the body.
  • The liner keeps warm even when it is wet. It has breathable membrane sticked between layers. Thanks to that it keeps moisture and sweat away from the body and does not allow it to go back (e.g. when pressed). It also protects agains the wind after a dry suit is taken off.
  • The elastic fabric does not pinch, even when well fitted. The outside layer is slippy, nothing sticks to it. It facilitates dressing and movement, nothing restrains your moves.
  • Polartec Aqua Shell fabric has an impregnation that prevents from growth of microorganisms that cause an unpleasant smell of sweat.
  • Brims of the liner are trimmed softly. Whole is sewn with flat seams – these are elastic and does not rubb off. They are also much less susceptible to come unstiched.
  • Conservation is quite easy – you can wash it in a washing machine. After spin-dry the liner is almost completly dry.
  • Men’s sizes: XS – XXL, women’s sizes: 36 – 46. There is a possibility to make small modifications or tailoring