Navy Body Warmer

NAVY Body Warmer is intended for divers swimming in very cold waters, using laminated dry suits. The material was produced on special order from the U.S. Army Special Forces Divers, in order to meet all the required parameters for long-diving in cold waters. Thermally, our NAVY Body Warmer is equivalent […]

Aquashell Undergarment Liner

Liner made of Polartec Aqua Shell from Windblock series is a very comfortable alternative for a traditional thin dry suit undergarment. This product works out great beneath neoprene dry suits, laminates – while diving in warm water (over a dozen centigrades), and as an additional lining underneath light undergarment (e.g. […]

Tropical Liner

Our Tropical Liner made of the Power Stretch fabric is fleshy, light, very elastic and smooth. It fits the body perfectly and thanks to that once warmed up layer of air stays on its place. It makes this fabric incomparably warmer than other materials of similar grammage. Moisture is drawn […]