We offer three kinds of diving socks: made of Polartec Aquashell, Power Stretch Pro and Navy.

Power Stretch Pro socks are thinner and softer. They fit well, neither pinch nor slide. They have smooth and strong surface and do not move whilst putting on a dry suit. Power Stretch keeps proper skin microclimate and even when wet it seems warm. It is easy to wash it and it dries quickly, does not smell bad. Socks do not lose their shape even when used for a long time.
This kind of socks are multipurpose. They do not roll down or rub. You can easily wear them with wellingtons or mountain shoes, or even sit in front of the TV. They do not have any rubbers that could pinch or block a blood flow. This flexibility is a feature of a perfect, very elastic fabric.

Navy socks – “Walonki” (felt boots). They are unusually flexible and they wrap your feet without hampering. They cushion your every move. This fabric draws the moisture away from the skin and let it breathe freely. “Walonki” are perfect for diving, they are very warm, stick to your leg and let you take on and off the dry suit easily. You can wear them with a normal shoes too – if there is enough space of course. The fabric is ca. 8 mm thick and hardly flattens under pressure, dries very quickly.

Aquashell socks are even more technical product. Aquashell is a triple-layer laminate where a windproof and breathable membrane is placed between a soft inner layer and a resistant and sleek outer layer. Socks keep your feet dry by drawing sweat moisture away to the outer surface of the membrane. Even when pressed the moisture cannot come back and your feet are dry and warm.
Aquashell is resistant and durable, it is easy to wash it (however not in a bubble washing machine – it would spoil the membrane), it dries fast, does not smell bad. This fabris is elastic and soft too. These socks are comfortable and well fitting. There is no trouble with wearing a dry suit on them. They have no rubbers that could pinch or block a free blood flow. They are warmer that Power Stretch Pro socks.
We sew all of our socks with flat seams.